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Ottenwalter Farms

Updated: Nov 14, 2020


We all know that the quality of livestock that comes out of Colusa, California is incredible. But ' man did I underestimate what the sows and boars were like!!

Russel brought out the first few that I thought were the "key sows," but it did not slow down. They kept getting better and better as the days went on!

While the sows were incredible, I had the chance to look at some of their babies, and had the privilege of videoing a couple of their boars, that have the chance of changing the industry!!

We get to the end of the day and I thought, well maybe tomorrow will bring just some "nice pigs."


Day two comes, and it is time to picture some of the boys. Ottenwalters just purchased a couple boars from Kyle Hicks, Oklahoma, and that might have been the peak of the trip! These two dudes were rockstars, and I can see why Russel and Noa needed them in CA!

Sterling, one of our resident cattle girls, decided to come with on the final day and helped out in the picture pen. (I found out that Remi just needs to come along next time)

All in all, it was an incredible opportunity and the third time we've had the chance to photo in Colusa, AND WE CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!!

- Zack Lear

Co-Owner Empire Imagery

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