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It's Almost Revival Time!

Our team can’t wait to be in Merced next week to photograph this first-class event!

What makes this show first-class you may ask, on their rookie year?

Maybe it's the custom trophies and buckles!

Or maybe it's the custom wrapped showboxes!

Or what if it's the custom wrapped poppers!? PS: FOR ALL THREE SPECIES!

Or maybe it's because it has a record amount of entries for California for its first year!?

Or what if there's something during the grand drive Saturday, that no one knows about 😉

We think whether you have an animal in the grand drive Saturday night or not, you need to be there to witness this event!


We were so excited to work with the crew on releasing their judges through some custom(slightly comedic) video interviews! Check them out below!




Want to find out more about the show? Head over to their Facebook page, or check out their website!

Attached below is their link to the schedule:

See everyone next week in Merced!

- The Empire Imagery Crew

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