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The 2021 Empire Classic

We are so excited to present to you, The Empire Classic cattle jackpot!! We have been cussing and discussing doing something to give back to the exhibitors after the year we've had in 2020, and we have come up with a solution! We knew this was something that was going to take a whole village to make happen, and we couldn't do it ourselves!

OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR THE 2021 EMPIRE CLASSIC Sterling Reichenbach(Michigan), Abby Badger(Iowa), Zack Lear(Iowa), Remi Wayne(Minnesota), Sierra Franks(Texas), Lizzy Black(North Dakota & Minnesota), Chesney Effling(Kansas & South Dakota), Sidney Herr(Iowa), Joy Collard(Missouri) and Jesse Hoblyn(Nebraska).

YES - It's a huge board, but we wanted to be able to give the exhibitors the best opportunities possible!!


The Union County Fairgrounds has spectacular new facilities to house first-class events, and we cannot wait to have our two showings set up!

HOW MANY RINGS IS THERE!? We will be having two rings for the show. Friday will host one "King of the Ring" showmanship winner, Saturday will host two heifer shows & Sunday will be the market animal show! We will run the rings in succession, so you only have to fit your calves once!


We are having our show the weekend after The Iowa Beef Expo and The Nebraska Cattleman's Classic, the 26th, 27th & 28th of February!

WHO'S JUDGING!? Tehehe, you just wait!! We can't give away ALL the epic-ness at one time!

HOW IS YOUR SHOW ANY DIFFERENT THAN OTHERS!? Well, other than the location and the set up, we believe that our cash we are giving away and prizes will take things to another dimension! Empire Imagery has graciously offered to start a new scholarship, and you will have to be following the Empire Classic Facebook page to find out more about this the closer we get to the show!

We have so many surprises we cannot wait to share with everyone on this event, so make sure you keep up to date with our Facebook pages, and our new website release(COMING SOON). Our website will have all the information you will need for the show!

Have any questions!? Contact our Facebook page, or send us an email @

We cannot wait to see everyone in February!

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